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About De RUCCI 關於慕思

DeRUCCI was founded in 2004 with the mission of helping people sleep better. When we started our business, we saw a large gap between the technology used in making beds and the technology available. We believe this explains why so many people are not sleeping as well as they should be. Our solution: integrating the best sleep technologies and resources from around the world.In these years, we grow from 1 store to over 4,800 stores, from stores in one country to countries across 4 continents and from one brand to a collection of over 20 global brands.

慕思以打造全球健康睡眠的極致體驗為己任,將理念貫徹始終。2004 年,我們創立慕思寢室用品有限公司,不斷充盈知識,作專業市場研究,深入了解睡眠科學與技術,由此捕捉 到傳統制床技術與研發潛力之間的空白。我們堅信,這就是大部份人未能享受高質量睡眠的癥結所在。慕思專屬方案:整合全球最先進的睡眠技術與資源。整合意思是在睡眠科學、製床科技及材料領域開發創新,戮力深耕,設計多元化的寢具,務必滿足客人不同的需求。

秉持一貫的理念與服務,慕思由十年前的玲瓏小店發展至現今遍布全球的4,800 多家商舖,及由一個品牌到超過20個國際品牌,締造了名副其實的慕思王國。

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