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On June 1, the “new species of retail · DeRucci Golden Steward — 2018 DeRucci service brand conference” jointly hosted by DeRucci bedding and Xiaobo Wu channel was held at Sheraton hotel, Xixi, Hangzhou. Financial author- Xiaobo Wu, the founder of scene laboratory- Sheng Wu and the President of DeRucci- Jiqing Yao attended the event, deeply explored new species of retail and witnessed the retail new species- DeRucci Golden Steward service brand launch.

Golden Steward is a brand new service brand launched by DeRucci, which is different from the bed, mattress, row frame, pillow and other materials provided by DeRucci in the past, and commercializes and brands the service. Through the scene experience of the whole life cycle, the sleep data testing services, consulting services, deep divide mite service, the whole life experience, distribution installation services consisting of all aspects of services, truly get a good night sleep and spend the rest of your life with you.