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3D Series | 3D 床褥系列

The concept behind our 3D series is simple: our body is 3-dimensional; the beds we sleep on must be able to cater to the 3-dimensional needs of the body; ensuring the spine is straight when sleeping on your side and naturally curved when sleeping on your back.3D is also the synonym with technological innovations in bed design and material. It is the epitome of sleep science and technologies.
De Rucci 3D床褥系列的理念簡單純粹:人是立體的。利用立體承托技術,才能有效照顧到不同睡姿:側臥時保持脊骨筆直,仰臥時脊骨保持自然弧度。

3D Materials | 3D 物料

Developed by Müller, 3D material (Modified Polyester Fibre) is the most technologically advanced material used in making beds. Colourless, ordourless, non-toxic and biodegradable, 3D provides 40 fine support points in each square cm! The mattress is washable and is probably the most air and water permeable bed ever made. A milestone in bed making and the epitome of innovation in sleep technology.

3D物料學名為改性聚酯功能纖維,是由德國Müller與醫學院共同研發的 成果; 屬可降解物質,無色、無毒和無味的環保材料。其獨特之處在於每平方厘米提供40 個支撐點,整張床褥更可拆開清洗,把這材料應用到製床領域,是寢具工業上的一個里程碑 。

3D Technologies | 3D 科技


Over 1 million supportpoints in A double bed!
一張雙人床 具備超過一百萬個支撐點!

We utilize the most sophisticated 3D technologies such as carbon-steel springs, LFK springs, individual pocketed coil and 7-zone spring support technologies to ensure you the best of supports to you and your partner.

我們採用先進的3D技術如高碳鋼彈簧、Leggett & Platt 的LFK彈簧系統、7區彈簧、獨立袋裝彈簧等,讓你及你的伴侶得到至貼身的承托。