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In the old days consumers normally spend a few minutes lying on the beds to “feel” if the beds are comfortable. We doubt how reliable this can be.

At DeRUCCI, we use a state-of-the-art spine scanner from Switzerland to let you see if your spine is getting the support it needs from the beds you try. The gyromechanical and ray-free spine scanner measures the spine precisely with the data instantly processed to plot a three-dimension picture of your spine.

You will find the bed that perfectly keeps your spine straight when sleeping on your side and naturally curved when sleeping on your back.


過去,消費者一般花幾分鐘躺在床,單靠「感覺」來推斷該床褥是否合適。我們深知這並非真正可靠的方法。在 De Rucci,我們選用來自瑞士先進的脊骨掃描儀,讓您客觀地了解所試的床褥是否能適當地支撐您的脊骨。脊骨掃描儀採用4組精密的陀螺儀以及先進的電子機械技術,絕無輻射威脅。而在掃描期間收集到的數據,會即時用於繪製您的脊椎三維圖像。

讓您的脊椎在側臥時保持挺直,仰臥時保持自然彎曲 – 這正是我們的目標。